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Charlie Brieger

Since hiring Brandon as our Director of Marketing in 2019, our revenue and client base have dramatically increased! We’ve moved into a larger warehouse to accommodate the extra business his team brought our way. These guys respond quickly, work hard, and know their stuff. (See Case Study)

—Charlie Brieger, Founder & CEO, Fulfillrite

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We’ll Make Your Marketing Plan From Scratch

You’re not a number here. We know every client by their first name. We spend a lot of time thinking about what they want and why they want it.

Whether you’re running a well-established company or you’re a start-up ready to make your mark, our services are tailor-made to hone your marketing strategies. That’s why our relationship with you is based on your business goals and your brand objectives.

As a full-stack digital marketing agency with a focus on content marketing, we use a variety of skills to realize your goals. Choose from web development, content and copywriting, email marketing, advertising, social media, and more. All used in order to do what you want to do.

It’s all based on your goals.

Do you want to build credibility? Generate leads? Make sales?

We’re comfortable helping you do all of these things. But we always start with what you want. Then we build a plan from there.

Meet Your Marketers

Brandon Rollins

Brandon Rollins, MBA
Founder & CEO

Born in Nashville, in Chattanooga by random chance. Every cup of coffee’s greatest fear. Board game developer. Digital marketer for six years.

Maria Rollins

Maria Rollins
Project Manager & COO

Northerner by birth, Southerner by choice. Avid book collector and curator of themed bookshelves. Ten years in business development, three years in digital marketing.

Kenny Goodman

Kenny Goodman
Video Marketing Specialist

Editor of more YouTube videos than you can count. Fueled by memes, chaos, and coffee. Has a million thoughts running through his brain at any given moment.

Michael Hadley

Michael Hadley
Content Marketer

Full time dad, Seattle sports fan, and freelancer. His sleep-deprived and often ghost-written words can be found in over a decade’s worth of websites, social media, books, emails, and industry publications.

B.T. Polcari

Hiring Pangea Marketing to handle the marketing side of the business was one of the best decisions I made because it frees me up to do the most important thing – write award-winning novels. They’ve built my following from scratch and had a tremendous impact on sales. And all the while, I’ve been able to churn out words. Thanks Pangea! (See Case Study)

—B.T. Polcari, Author of Against My Better Judgment and Fire & Ice

Ready to build credibility, generate leads, and get seen?

Learn how Pangea Marketing can help you do that.

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