Case Study: B.T. Polcari

The Author

B.T. Polcari is a first-time author, who wrote the young adult mystery novel Against My Better Judgment. To meet the requirements of his publisher, he needed to build an online presence from scratch.

The Challenge

B.T. had never launched a book before, and the process was entirely new. What’s more, he is not an active user of social media and has never had much interest in establishing an online presence.

Combined with the immense amount of work that goes into prepping a book for publication, B.T. did not want to bear all the burden of marketing. That’s why he hired Pangea. The goals were simple: establish an online presence and sell as many books as possible.

Simple though the goals may have been, the work was hard. The publishing world was being turned upside down by the COVID-19 pandemic. In-person events, long upheld as the cornerstone of book launches, were no longer feasible. In short, we had to launch his book entirely through digital marketing.

The Solution

To help B.T. get started, our team built a social media community from scratch on Facebook and Instagram. We also set up a website to take orders and handle requests for advance review copies. What’s more, we coordinated outreach to reviewers to spread the word of the book.

The Results

Ever since B.T. started working with Pangea, the results have been clear. The book has received over 75 ratings on Goodreads and over 50 on Amazon, more than any other book by his publisher launched in September 2020.

Success in getting the book out to readers was largely due to B.T.’s social media following, which consists of over 3,200 dedicated followers across Facebook, Instagram, and X (formerly Twitter). This opened the doors for us to engage in highly targeted online advertising and influencer marketing.

bt polcari

As an author, I have multiple projects in the pipeline, and writing novels takes time and focus. However, the publishing industry also requires authors to spend time promoting their books. And time is a finite resource.

Hiring Pangea Marketing to handle the marketing side of the business was one of the best decisions I made because it frees me up to do the most important thing – write award-winning novels. They’ve built my following from scratch and had a tremendous impact on sales. And all the while, I’ve been able to churn out words. Thanks Pangea!

—B.T. Polcari, Author of Against My Better Judgment and Fire & Ice

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