Case Study: Fulfillrite

The Company

Fulfillrite is a third-party logistics company that helps eCommerce businesses and crowdfunding creators fulfill orders. They’ve had over 1,000 clients and have been in business for over 10 years.

The Challenge

When Fulfillrite reached out to Pangea in early 2019, they had no dedicated marketing staff. To make up for the lack of dedicated personnel, the company was trying a little bit of everything – heavy advertising, attending events, and intermittent content creation. New clients were dribbling in slowly.

They knew they needed dedicated marketing staff to help generate leads and increase revenue. The status quo solution was ineffective at accomplishing these tasks.

The Solution

The CEO, Charlie Brieger, reached out to Pangea CEO, Brandon Rollins. At the time, Pangea Marketing Agency did not yet exist – Brandon was instead running Pangea Games and the board game development blog, Brandon the Game Dev. Based on Brandon’s articles, Charlie thought that Brandon may have the expertise needed to run Fulfillrite’s marketing department.

Charlie then flew Brandon up to New Jersey where they discussed future plans for Fulfillrite’s marketing department. It was at this point that Brandon created the Pangea Marketing Agency to serve Fulfillrite’s needs.

To help Fulfillrite bring in leads and generate revenue, Pangea worked on a variety of tasks, including:

  • Creating and Optimizing Google ads to bring in qualified leads.
  • Reviving the Fulfillrite blog with two new posts every week.
  • Launching a brand new website.
  • Taking care of other administrative tasks like social media management, partner outreach, and more.

The Results

After about two months, there was a noticeable increase in website conversions. After nine months, Fulfillrite’s revenue doubled. In the year 2020, Fulfillrite’s revenue doubled again.

Following that year, Fulfillrite moved into a new building four times the previous building’s size in February 2021. Then in November 2023, Fulfillrite opened an additional warehouse location in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Charlie was able to refocus his attention on serving his growing customer base by maintaining their high standard of quality. He later moved the company to a larger warehouse to accommodate increased demand.

Charlie Brieger

Since hiring Brandon as our Director of Marketing in 2019, our revenue and client base have dramatically increased! We’ve moved into a larger warehouse to accommodate the extra business his team brought our way. These guys respond quickly, work hard, and know their stuff.

—Charlie Brieger, Founder & CEO, Fulfillrite

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