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Build a Personal Brand As a Small Business Owner

In this series of articles, we unpack the meaning of “personal branding” and talk about what that really means for you. Along the way, we’ll discuss how you can define what a dream client looks like for you and how you can come with a strategy to work with more of them.

  • How To Win Dream Clients: Guide For Small Business Owners

    Every business owner has an idea of what success looks like, even if they can’t articulate it. And for many, success means pulling in dream clients. In fact, that’s one of the main reasons you want to build a personal brand as a small business owner – so you can pull in those dream clients! You’ve probably heard that you need to build a great brand image or become a thought leader. This is true and there is no shortage of ways to do that.

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  • The Ultimate Brand Strategy Guide For Small Business Owners

    Personal branding is the difference between winning a few clients here and there, and cruising to the top of your industry. But you won’t build a strong brand by accident. You need to have a clear brand strategy to stand out from the noise. It’s intimidating, the idea of building your brand. When you read about the subject, it’s easy to get spun around talking about your brand story, visual identity, or brand positioning.

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  • Make Your Brand Strategy: Guide For Small Business Owners

    If you’re a small business owner, you’ve probably heard that you need to define your brand strategy. This makes perfect sense, of course, since people won’t just magically book calls with you.  But how do you actually do that? How do you come up with the right brand messages to get people to buy your products or services? How do you actually communicate with your target customers?

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  • How To Make A Small Business Personal Brand Website

    You know how important it is to build a great personal brand. It’s one of those things that online entrepreneurs constantly talk about, and for good reason too! To some extent, it’s not terribly hard to know what to do when starting a personal brand. Some people even manage to do it by intuition – talk about what they know, take good vertical videos, post them on social media, and build up a following.

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  • How To Make Your Website’s Brand Messaging Better

    Your website needs a clear message to grab people’s attention. According to a study in Behavior & Information Technology published in 2011, people only need 50 milliseconds to form an impression of a website. If you can’t deliver a good impression in that period of time, you’re toast. Even if you scoff at that statistic, another one by MetricHQ suggests that people spend an average of 52 seconds on a website.

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  • How To Define Your Brand Identity In Coaching & Consulting

    Why should I do business with you, rather than someone else? That’s the implicit question that your dream clients have when they first stumble across your brand, whether on social media, your personal brand website, or somewhere else entirely. Can you answer that question?

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